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After hearing about a company called Magna Wave Therapy we discovered it was not only very popular on race courses throughout the United States, but also in Canada. Prompted by great success on thoroughbred racehorses, and performance horses, Magna Wave has become a leader in the PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency) industry. It provides a supportive and beneficial therapy, not only to equine athletes but to small animals, people and competing human athletes.

PEMF Therapy has become the “go to device” for inflammation reduction, pain relief and cellular rejuvenation providing the body with the key to activate the healing process. After thorough research, we decided that Magna Wave with its cutting edge technology was a wonderful fit for our company and are now both proud certified and licensed practitioners at “Magna Wave Physio”. Michael and I bring to you our Magna Wave Physio Services to on-site appointments in the lower mainland area of British Columbia and to Western Canada for private appointments, at Equestrian and Quarter Horse Events and to Hastings Thoroughbred Racecourse in Vancouver. We both share our sincere desire to help you attain the happiest and healthiest lifestyle ever, for you and your animals!

Michael Fredericksen began his career in the horse world as a youngster in grade school, breaking ponies and assisting a rodeo stock contractor while in high school, bronc riding and later competing in quarter horse match races. Mike’s love for racing extended into the thoroughbred world, where he competed on world class tracks with fellow jocks Willie Shoemaker, Laffit Pincay Jr., Eddie Delahoussaye and Bill Hartack.

Over his nine year career as a professional jockey, he won over 500 races and rubbed shoulders with ‘fame & fortune’ but soft spoken and mild mannered Fredericksen said: “it made no difference to him”.

Working for five years as a race track Outrider at New Mexico and Arizona tracks, was another venture and an active hobby was being a member of Team Penning for eight years, where Mike competed and won matches across the States with his horse, Doctor Sen Bad Billy (Doc).

Retiring from racing in 1973, stallion handling and broodmare managing would be the next career pursuit for this talented horseman.  In Kentucky, he was privileged to be tutored by Kirk Shiner DVM and worked in the breeding industry with such well-known establishments as North Ridge Farm, Dayspring and Wimborne Farms of Kentucky and in Kansas City, Stonecrest Farm. It was here that Mike raised and started Perfect Drift, a five-time Breeders’ Cup contender who amassed earnings of over $4.5 million while winning 11 major races. Mike is well-known for starting and his foundation work with Perfect Drift, multiple stakes winner of 11 races and over $4,680,691, behind only Curlin and Lava Man among active Thoroughbreds.

Managing the thoroughbred farm operations he found challenging and always very rewarding and is an accomplished horsemen with years of valuable experience in all aspects of the equine industry. Relocating to beautiful British Columbia with his wife Judy was easy for Mike as he had been raised in Oregon and was always fond of Canada where he first apprenticed.

Services Include:

  • PEMF Magna Wave Therapy
  • Race and Show Horse Transportation
  • Personal Equine Training and Coaching
  • Conformation Analysis
  • Yearling Starting and Sales Prep
  • Stallion and Broodmare Management
  • Foaling Weaning
  • Equine software
PEMF Physio - treatments for people, horses and small animals

Consultation and physio services offered include and are not limited to Mike’s motto that “no question is too big or too small”.

Email Mike: mikestimenow@hotmail.com

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