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With scrutiny of medications in racehorses at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that some trainers are turning to alternative therapies to keep their charges in tip-top shape.

One such proponent of thinking outside the box is trainer Dale Romans, who conditions Kentucky Derby-bound Keen Ice and Kentucky Oaks contender Birdatthewire.

While Romans has no hard-and-fast statistical evidence that the modalities he uses work, he notes that the technology he uses was designed by NASA to loosen up muscles and promote circulation in humans.

“The biggest thing on natural stuff is that if they [the horses] like it,” he said. “I figure that nature tells them to like it for a reason and it’s doing something good, even if I can’t pinpoint what it is.”

Romans says all his horses, including the two that will race this weekend, receive two alternative therapies to keep them in top racing shape: therapy with a Magna Wave machine and a vibration plate.

“All that stuff, I think, needs to be used early, as more preventative than when you’re trying to heal something,” says Romans

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