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“Thanks Judy.. spend almost a year with a serious knee injury.. Magna Wave helped me get back to racing and training.. even got 1st place in the T Zone Natural bodybuilding championships 2019.. (grandmaster decision)”

Ronan Byrne

“Hi Judy,

You won’t believe this but the first week we were in Italy, Marco wore his boot cast when we were visiting with relatives. The following week was when the soccer camp started and there was an on-site doctor at all times on the field. The doctor cleared Marco to play so the very first day of camp he was off playing goalie and his foot is completely fine!! He has had no pain and has not gone back to wearing the cast.

So thank you!!! I’m sure your treatments helped considerably and he played great too! I think he’s healed and I am sure I’ll be back in the future with more injuries 🙂

It was a pleasure meeting with you on our visits. Thanks again.”

Vancouver BC

“I saw Judy and Michael at the Body Soul Spirit Expo last weekend. I had recently injured my shoulder and could find no relief. Judy and her machine had me right as rain after one treatment! Great people and a product that works!”

Michael Turner,
Langley BC

“Thank you Judy! For the demo today. My right arm is still moving freely and I have more painless range of motion than I have had in years! I can even reach behind my back to do up my bra. Something I have not done in more than 3 years! I would like to book a treatment for my horse and for myself.”

Langley BC

“I had a demo last week and did my bra up behind my back for the first time in over 6 years! I broke my shoulder and never reached behind my back again, until now! So my 21 years old horse and I both had a treatment day before yesterday. So very happy, both my arms have complete range of motion, in all directions, with no pain, no clicks. If my horse feels even half as good as I do I’m happy!

Langley BC

“Hi Judy,

I wanted to follow-up from our meeting last weekend! Certainly, a shift has happened and I am trying to allow it to take its own course, and listen. I feel calmer and more confident in some ways, and clearer in others … And I do feel a “safer” sense of well-being. Thank you once again, Judy … It is hard for me to put to words this so powerful & deep healing process. I will keep in touch. Kind regards.”


“Hi Judy,

Just an update–! Have noticed that the feeling of stress has left me and I seem to be able to handle my everyday tasks in a calm manner. This is good!

Thanks for everything”


“I was fortunate to have a theta healing session with Judy and was amazed with the results. I have never been a person who could find that special quiet “place” to go; too many things would creep back into my mind. Judy was able to lead me there and I continue to be able to return to this place of peace. My sleep patterns have improved immensely and I can sit and clear my mind in times of stress. During our session Judy was able to connect with both of my parents. I was always very close to my mother so I was not surprised to find her near but the discovery of my father watching over me was astonishing. He was a distant and rather harsh man and I harbored feelings of anger for years. Judy brought a peace between me and my father. For that I’m eternally grateful. Another surprise in the healing was the connecting communication with my dog, Drifter. He had been around me all the time and needed to send me a message of love so he could move on. Needless to say, the session brought me to tears.

A few years ago Judy did a reading on my cat, Paisley. I could not understand Paisley’s distress when riding in the truck. Paisley was a rescue cat. Judy discovered she had been abandoned on the road and cornered by a snow plow. The noise of the snow plow had traumatized her. Judy made a connection with her and I had many”conversations” with Paisley about her fears. She does remarkably well remaining calm when we travel now. I look forward to seeing Judy in the spring when she can again help me bring even more peace into my life and share with her another remarkable experience. “

Donna Cheshire
Saskatoon, SK